Monthly & Weekly Newsletters

First Focus

Monthly Newsletter

The First Focus goes out via both email (as a PDF) and "Snail Mail" before the first of each month. It contains articles about recent events, upcoming events, and ministries that our church is a part of. It also includes photographs and missions updates, as well as a calendar for the entire month. If you aren't receiving the First Focus and would like to, subscribe below or contact us in the office to be added to the "Snail Mail" list. Our prayer is that the First Focus is fun and informative, and that it really shows the spirit of First Baptist Church. We hope you enjoy it!

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The Weekly Column

Weekly E-Newsletter

The Weekly Column is a weekly newsletter delivered each Thursday afternoon via email. It contains announcements, information, and a calendar of events for the upcoming week, and lists events coming in the near future. This list is also what we use to let you know when there is a last-minute change of plans!

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Weekly Fellowship Meal Menu

Each week, we send out the menu for the following Wednesday fellowship meal.

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